The first all-in-one investment platform for decentralized finance (DeFi).
While stock exchanges make it easy to participate in traditional financial products like ETFs, mutual funds, and hedge funds, Hedgepie makes it easy for anyone to create and invest in decentralized financial products.Welcome to the future of finance.
securely integrated with top DeFi protocols
OUR SECRET RECIPEWTFs: the next-generation financial productIf you know exchange-traded funds (ETFs), then you are already familiar with the idea of Wallet-Traded Funds (WTFs). An ETF is a collection of financial products, like stocks, bonds, etc., while a WTF is a collection of decentralized financial products, like tokens, lending positions, liquidity positions, stake positions, and real-world assets.
Hedgepie was designed to support anyone interested in venturing into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Our platform is 100% transparent and can only hold assets that meet our risk-rating standards, are accessible 24/7 and generate yield in real-time.
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EARN MORE AS A STRATEGY CREATORIn addition to investing in existing WTFs, Hedgepie also lets you design your own strategies.Monetize your investment knowledge today.
Transparently SafeEach pool that Hedgepie is integrated with has been manually reviewed and scrutinized by our team at a high level of diligence to ensure that users' funds are always safe. You get transparent access to funds designed by experienced DeFi investors worldwide.
Access transparently designed and managed DeFi productsExperts use Hedgepie to design and actively manage funds the same way money managers do in traditional stock markets. Granting you access to their strategies and performance history, we give you the power and freedom to choose which fund to participate in.
No penalties for opting out any time.Investing should not be a do-or-die affair. You can cash out from any investment strategy you try at any time, with no withdrawal fees.
Transparently safeEvery integration available on the Hedgepie platform is manually audited, both by a 3rd-party and by our own team, before making the integration available to our community. This audit ensures that funds deposited on our platform are always safe.
Pick based on your risk appetiteStart looking for the funds to find the right investment based on your risk appetite. With Hedgepie, all the risk information is transparently visible on every fund to clearly showcase the potential risk on every platform.
Access a marketplace of funds from expert investorsExpert DeFi investors use Hedgepie to design and actively manage funds the same way that money managers do in traditional stock markets. Check out their strategies on Hedgepie to view the funds' compositions and learn where your money is going.
Step safely into DeFi with HedgePie.
HedgePie is a community-driven decentralized network of investors and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.Stay on top of the action with the latest news and important announcements on our social media channels.
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