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Similar to how stock exchanges make it easy to participate in traditional financial products like ETFs, mutual funds, and hedge funds; Hedgepie makes it easy to create and invest in decentralized financial products. Launch App

What’s Hedpepie?

Investing in financial products becomes easier

Hedgepie's primary mission is to dismantle the barriers that independent fund managers face in traditional financial markets, paving the way for a new era of democratized and transparent finance. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to making it effortless for retail DeFi investors to discover, understand the risk/reward dynamics of, and invest in actively managed DeFi portfolios.

Transparently safe

Each pool that Hedgepie is integrated with has been manually reviewed and scrutinized by our team at a high level of diligence to ensure that users' funds are always safe. You get transparent access to funds designed by experienced DeFi investors worldwide.

Transparently designed & managed DeFi products

Experts use Hedgepie to design and actively manage funds the same way money managers do in traditional stock markets. Granting you access to their strategies and performance history, we give you the power and freedom to choose which fund to participate in.

No penalties for opting out any time

Investing should not be a do-or-die affair. You can cash out from any investment strategy you try at any time, with no withdrawal fees.

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DeFi Pool Integrations

Our Mission

To transform the way to approach investments

Hedgepie is transforming the way you approach investments in the decentralized finance (DeFi) realm. By combining the expertise of top DeFi portfolio managers with cutting-edge technology, our platform delivers unrivaled financial opportunities in a safe, trustless, and transparent environment.

Hedgepie serves as your conduit to maximizing the potential of DeFi investments, providing you with the assurance that your funds are securely managed by industry-leading professionals.


Experience the Hedgepie Advantage

At Hedgepie, we believe in empowering investors and breaking down barriers that have long held back independent fund managers from achieving their true potential. Our platform offers a range of unique features designed to make money management simpler, safer, and more effective for everyone:


Decentralized and Democratized Investment:

Hedgepie levels the playing field by enabling expert investors to create, manage, and grow investment funds at a fraction of the traditional cost. With an average setup cost of just $20, Hedgepie eliminates the million-dollar barrier that has kept so many talented fund managers out of the game.


Trustless Fund Management:

Our innovative smart contracts provide an extra layer of security by ensuring fund managers never have direct access to client funds. Instead, they can only move assets into pre- approved investment instruments, keeping your investments safe and secure.


Open-Source Transparency:

Hedgepie is built on the principles of transparency and accountability. All funds on our platform are open-source, with positions, allocations, tokens, and risk exposures readily available for anyone to review and analyze.


Rigorous Counterparty Risk Rating:

Hedgepie is committed to ensuring all compatible DeFi platforms meet our stringent due-diligence criteria. Our rigorous assessment process guarantees that every counterparty is fully audited, and potential risks are thoroughly disclosed.


Curated Marketplace:

With the multitude of funds being created on Hedgepie daily, we provide a range of filters to help you find the perfect fund to match your investment goals and risk appetite.


Securely integrated with Top DeFi protocols

our secret recipe

TTFs: the next-generation financial product

If you know exchange-traded funds (ETFs), then you are already familiar with the idea of Token-Traded Funds (TTFs).

An ETF is a collection of financial products, like stocks, bonds, etc., while a TTF is a collection of decentralized financial products, like tokens, lending positions, liquidity positions, stake positions, and real-world assets.


HedgePie is a community-driven decentralized network of investors and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.

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