Get a piece of the Defi pie,without the hassle.
Hedgepie is a DeFi strategy marketplace that makes it EASY for new investors to have their investments safely managed by expert crypto investors.
Enjoy diversified strategies cut across multiple blockchains and DeFi protocols.
Get access to proven investment strategies.HedgePie provides you with direct access to top DeFi strategies and investment pools designed and curated by experienced and expert DeFi investors.Learn more →
Join the best investors.HedgePie features investment strategies from expert investors who use and trust the platform. Spanning across two networks and dozens of DeFi protocols, including Polygon, UniSwap, PancakeSwap, Venus, BNB Chain, and many others.Learn more →
View the best performing strategies.Stop guessing what options to stake with. HedgePie knows how hard it can be to decide the best investment choice. That's why our leaderboard gives you a transparent list of historically high-performing investment funds. Choose from this leaderboard to minimize investment risks and maximize your profit.See Leaderboard →
EARN MORE AS A STRATEGY CREATORMonetize your hard earned DeFi investment knowledge.Make your valuable investment knowledge work for you. Set your performance fee, and earn more with high yields.
See for yourself!See how individual strategies have performed over time with respect to various metrics such as APY, TVL and the number of investors participating.
DeFi at its finestWe created HedgePie to make it easy for new investors to safely enter the DeFi space without needing to spend countless hours doing research and take on a lot of risk. Built to support multiple blockchains, Hedgepie can be integrated with any DeFi protocol regardless of the network it is deployed. This means you have access to protocols across multiple blockchains with zero added fees, all from a single portal that gives you complete visibility and access to your portfolio.
Make it Bigger!Earn more by instantly compounding across multiple blockchains with one click.
Opt out anytime you want, with no penaltyInvesting shouldn't be a do-or-die affair. That's why the liquidity of the investment pool is the way out for you. You can cash out from any investment strategy you try out at any time, and we will not charge any fees.
Want to build your own strategies?Take your investment journey to the next level by creating your own investment strategy. Join many other expert investors to manage funds and earn when others make profit from your strategy. You get all these while investing in other strategies.
Reduce your search timeToday, investing in funds is a highly complex process. Every day, we spend countless hours searching for and finding new investment methods. With us, you can easily direct all your NFT-s to the top-performing funds.
Access the list of top performing DeFi strategiesExpert defi investors are here to create top performing strategies which bring the highest yield. You just need to discover the highest-paying funds on our leaderboard and invest in them.
Generate the Highest yields with least riskOur leaderboard will show you the best performing strategies right away. You can invest in top-performing funds here, diversifying your investments while also ensuring their safety.
The highest level of security.Dozen of audits have been carried out on our smart contracts, making them perfectly bulletproof.
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Step safely into DeFi with HedgePie.Don't wait any longer!
HedgePie is a community-driven decentralized network of investors and crypto enthusiasts from all over the world.Stay on top of the action with the latest news and important announcements on our social media channels.
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